Noble Drew Ali told the Moorish Americans, “To you, I am an Angel of Allah sent to bring you the everlasting Gospel of Allah.” Indeed, the Angel was born amongst the very nation He was sent to redeem. Noble Drew Ali was full ordained by The Great God to be their Prophet. The status of ‘Prophet’ is the highest station most religious scholars can understand. Especially when their recorded history shows divinity has appeared into human form which men may comprehend. But Noble Drew Ali was five times greater than the last Prophets before him; he is the last Avatar sent to warn the nations of the earth. It is only natural, yet a weakness found among human failings for the very nation Drew Ali was born unto would be the last to recognize the saving powers this Angel had brought to fallen humanity through them.

Some may say, “He doesn’t look like any angel I have seen.” Most western psychics would not know an Angel if they were to kiss them in the mouth. However, if someone make this statement it is probably because they speak more from what they do not know then what they know e.g. all Biblical Angels were Messengers of God, Sun-kissed People in human forms and rich in melanin. They were not little pale skin European infants with bird-wings on their backs. Truth is, Europe has never produced Prophets or Angels. Drew Ali is an Angel.

Pictured above (upper right) is The Illustrious Noble Drew Ali, Holding the Flags of Morocco and United States while Registering The Moorish Americans, as a New Nation and Sovereign power, at the 1928 Pan American Conference For Indigenous Nations.

Also make careful notice of
the above picture at the upper left: Is a reflection of Moorish Secretary Juanita Richardson Bey at the Home Office with her Prophet, Noble Drew Ali. Equally important is the national ‘hand writings on the wall.’ Study the flags on the wall of Drew Ali office. The above black and white photos are a few of many displaying Noble Drew Ali’s vexillology of the flags of Morocco and Corporate UNITED STATES. Whenever he displayed either of these flags they were always ‘Upside Downward’ and / or ‘backward.’ Pictured at the right; notice Drew Ali’s upright posture is that of an Ancient Kemetian Adept Master. Although he has the flags of two governments in his hands, He has his legs crossed left over right. This denotes both Governments are now recognized as being in dire adversity by those who know law. The importance of this science was Drew Ali’s warning to the Moorish Americans showing neither government had the will nor strength to free them or save themselves. Still, to this day, many half-awake Moorish hoist the flags of Morocco and Corporate USA declaring these flags represent the free national name “Moorish American.” Meanwhile the flag of Morocco is not Moorish but Moroccan. And the flag of the United States is not American but of America. This is to say, the free national name “Moorish American” have never been represented or supported by the Governments of Africa which sold them into slavery or the European Governments that enslaved them. It appears someone did not follow Prophet Noble Drew AlI... oh well, back to Cuba...

The international affair was hosted by Cuba in its City of Havana. Bro. Charles Kirkman-Bey, Master Polyglot (speaking 92 languages), was the Chief Interpreter for The Holy Prophet and His national cabinet. Also in attendance was several Tribal Chiefs of Continental Nations and the United States were represented by Secretary of State Hughes who was in awe of the well-established Constitution of the Moorish American Delegates. There were Free National Delegates from Central and South Americas and other Islands. During the Conference Noble Drew Ali was given The Mandate for the Land, which the United States had been occupying on an expired Mandate since 1871. After this Pan American Conference of Human Nations the United States refusal to yield hallowed soil would result in a severe warning by The Holy Prophet: “Until my Moors are free in their own home the worst is yet to come. The United States owe the Moors a great debt, they must pay in compound interest. The United States have one more war to win“. The next year Drew Ali left the body saying, “I can better fight the rest of this battle on the soul plane“. Within twelve years of this warning the Stock Market had Crashed, Illuminati’s Federal Reserve Bank had taken over the sovereign powers of the now ‘Corporate United States of America’ and an economical drought called “The Great Depression” was felt by every Citizen except the elite few. As if it was not enough to soften her harden heart, the US Corporation would be functioning under perpetual Maritime Law that went into effect in 1933 and has not won another War since World War II. The Prophet showed the Mandate to many Officials of the Adept Chamber of The MST of A that He founded in 1920. Still, by the year 2007, the Moors had not freed themselves from the wrath of feigned Citizenry held in the iron-hand of the oppressive USA’s 14th and 15th Amendment. While the United States has never been without her staple of African Slaves, the Manumission of the Moorish is infinitely inevitable; at the end of time and the fulfilling of the prophecies.

The above picture was taken during the first National Conference Representation of the Ex-Slaves, not as Members of his Moorish Science Temple Organization but by their one free National Name of “Moorish Americans.” This marks the first time the ex-slaves’ proper status has been truely represented since the abolishment of U. S. Slavery. This event is a reflection of one of the many miracles illustrated by Prophet Noble Drew Ali during his brief 16-year Ministry. This reflection was taken in Havana Cuba, with the gift of a “Panama” on the head of Drew Ali which was presented to him by the Cuban Government. This great national representation occurred about one year before He left His body. This is how “He began to uplift the Moorish Americans by teaching them to be themselves.” This event marked the first and last time the so-called Negro was duly recognized as being a new nation, according to their one true free national name, of Moorish Americans. Noble Drew Ali declared, “This is a new era of time now and all men now must proclaim their free national name to be recognized by the government and the nations of the earth.” With this international proclamation of Independence, Drew Ali paved the way which would demonstrate the inevitability of freedom for the Moorish Americans, etc. But they must finish freeing themselves in order to assure the immutableness which rest in true freedom.

For any man to perform the divine miracle of breaking the Old Masonic Roman Seal, that has declared all Negroes, Colored Folks and Blacks into perpetual mental slavery, now, into one clean and pure nation of people, thus reattaching them to the human family of nations, has proved beyond all reasonable doubts, Ali is a Holy Prophet ordained by the great God. Still, there are those who denounce the Prophethood of Noble Drew Ali. Even though His duties and saving Powers of salvation are clearly in the line genealogy of all Major and Minor Prophets sent before him. Needfultosay, this unholy onslaught is lead by those who call themselves ‘Sunni’ or ‘Shiite’ Muslims under the Post-Mohammed Arab-version of Islam. Pleeese. Aren’t these the same pagans who’s GNP has been The African Slave Trade for centuries before the advent of Prophet Mohammed? Albeit the truth, Allah did raise a Holy Prophet from amongst those infidels of Havilah, but it did little good to deter the Arabian lust for African Slaves (see: Who Are The Siddis Of India?). To this day they will not admit that man’s enslavement of man is merely the will of man and not The Will Of The Great Universal God, Allah! What does anyone really expect a Muslim to say when it comes to the same God, according to His Word, ordaining another Holy Prophet to the Negro heathens they sold to the west? Didn’t the Arabs know the true origin of the West African nationals before they stole and sold them into European slavery? Why ask a Muslim for the worthiness of those they enslaved, “In the name of Allah”? Isn’t that like asking the criminal to describe the crime? Mohammed’s being the ‘Seal of the prophets’ does not conflict with “Noble Drew Ali is the last Prophet in these days.” The Great God, Allah, has kept his covenant to always raise one from amongst those who have gone astray.
"For The Uplifting Of Fallen Humanity"
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