"For The Uplifting Of Fallen Humanity"
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This Website Is Dedicated To The Greatest Book Of Freedom For The So-called Negro, Black And Colored People (NBC) To Be Written In Modern Times; NOBLE DREW ALI / The Exhuming Of A Nation (Often Referred To As “The Book Of Fire”). Here, You Will Begin To Find Out Why The Public Minds Of The West Were Kept In The Dark About The Prophesied Return Of Yehoshua (Jesus). ’Jesus’ Did Appear About 2,000 Years Later (1913 AD), In The Angelic Personage Of Noble Drew Ali. The “Last Prophet In These Days” Means He Was The Last “Avatar” (a perfect being, God) To Descend To Planet Mud (Earth). As The Last Prophet In These Days, Drew Ali Brought A Tsunami Of Truth For The Salvation Of Mankind On Earth. And In The Tradition Of All Major Prophets Before Him, Drew Ali Revealed These Truths To Those Who Had Reached The Greatest Depths In Order For Them To Lead Mankind To Their Natural Infinite Heights. Many Of These Truths Are Revealed In The Book Of Fire And On This Website. Again, Welcome.

Dear Readers Of America, Examine Your Hearts. Have You Been Traumatized And Still Suffer With Periodic ’Shellshocks’ From Falsehoods, Social Disorders And Mental Slavery? Truth Will Heal You. Realized Captivity Will Necessitate A Return To The Natural State Of Freedom. Prepare For The Truth.

Have you ever had serious questions about descendants of The United States’ Ex-slaves but did not know who to ask? Questions that are not intended to offend, inflame or degrade anyone but you just needed the answers to? Honest (in-the-back-of-my-mind) questions, e.g. How can a people be Colored in the 1940s, Negroes in the 50s, Blacks in the 60s, Afros in the 70s, Black Pan-Africans in the 80s and African Americans in the 90s? Can so-called “Blacks” really be made into 1st class citizens after the Dred Scott Decision and didn’t Congress assume jurisdiction over the Ex-slaves with the 14th Amendment? Or, why did Congress grant the voting privilege to the male Negroes (misnomer) in 1870, then extended it four more times — 1965, in 1970, in 1975 and a 25-year extension in 1982? On December 1, 2005 Congress was prompted to extend another 25 year voting privilege to the only people in the west who do not bear ONE FREE NATIONAL NAME, as do all other nations attached to the
human family. President G. W. Bush, July 2006, reluctantly extended another 25 years of voting priviledges to The NBC. Would you like to know how the Founding Fathers of The United States (who were largely Freemasons/Slave Owners) made so-called “Blacks” their National Treasure and buried them in the shallow grave of Reconstruction Amendments? Look to your left and link onto “Negro The Beast.” These answers and unlimited more are also found in my book originally titled:THE BIOGRAPHY OF NOBLE DREW ALI / The Exhuming Of A Nation (Out of Print since December 2006). The Third/Adept Edition, entitled NOBLE DREW ALI / The Exhuming Of A Nation, will be available to the public during December 2007.

Are you looking to learn the truth about these people, with untold greatness suppressed or unknown for many millenniums and their guiding relationship to the Human Family of Nations? We want to welcome you into the mind of a Swift Angel and into the world of law and history you never knew existed. Do you love Jesus? How much more could you love him if you had the missing 18 years of his life, works, and teachings, which have been omitted, from your Bible? Did you know Prophet Mohammed was not the Founder of Islam but that it was Islamism, which found Mohammed? Find out why Moslems in the west are dazed because Mohammed was the seal of the Prophets but was not the last Prophet.

At Seven Seals Publications, we publish, write, and sell predominantly one master book that will intrigue you. It’s in there! Our locally owned and operated publishing company is in full operation to serve you and your institutions of higher learning. In this Age of Information my people no longer suffer due to a lack of knowledge. At Seven Seals Publications, we understand their freedom is being denied merely due to a lack of truth. Only the truth will make them free. We are striving to satisfy the soul’s tastes for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Dr. Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey is the CEO of our publishing company, and the Author of The Biography Of Noble Drew Ali. If you are interested in purchasing a book or drop-shipment of books from our publishing company, we will be offering worldwide distribution, sales and shipping effective with the publication of the aforementioned Third-Heaven/Adept Edition. Your soul will be able to dive into the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and go beyond the Blue Ether Planes as you may have never known this level of truths existed. I ask you for your patience and love.