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Who Is Noble Drew Ali?
For The Next 2200 Years The World Question Will Be Who Is Noble Drew...
Seven Seals Publications is dedicated to the uplifting of fallen humanity through the Holy instructions of the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Prophet Drew Ali was divinely prepared by the Great God-ALLAH to redeem his people from their sinful ways.

NOBLE DREW ALI: THE EXHUMING OF A NATION, was written by Dr. Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey. This Great Book Is A Return of Prophet Noble Drew Ali's Truths About The "Denationalization" of The West African Moors, Known Today as Negroes, Blacks and Colored People and How He Exhumed Them From The Traumas Of Mental Slavery. Now You Too Can Witness Their Fulfilling of Ali's Prophesies and Witness The Resurrection Of A Once Buried Nation And The Only Straightway They Are To Be Accepted By The Nations Of The human Family. Learn Why "Choices Are For The Free." Would You Rather be Free or Property? Have An Infinite or Finite Mind? Be God or Act Human? The Answers Are All Within This Great 700 Page Book. Understand These Unalienable Answers When You Read This Masterful Book of The Adepts.

The book is a must read for anyone who is interested in learning the truth about the Moorish American people.

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The Vexillology of the Moorish Flag
PUBLIC NOTICE: Hear Now All Peoples, Governments and Nations of The Earth: ...
Noble Drew Ali Is The Last Prophet “Avatar” In These Days
This Website Is Dedicated To The Greatest Book Of Freedom For The So-called...
Who are the Moorish Americans?
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Freemasonry In The MSTA
The Malignancies of Western Freemasonry Buries 60 Million Moors Thru The Moorish Science Temple of America
The World’s First Divine Creed
This diagram expresses the World’s First Creed, Man’s only return pathway to himself as God, prior to separating from Africa into the four major courses depicted here.